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Puppy & Obedience Training - Rendlesham

Classes run in association with the Dog Training College. All classes run for 6 weeks, and are open to Happi days customers and non-customers alike. Thursday evenings from 7pm and 8pm.

Puppy classes are suitable for 12 to 24 week puppies (age at start of course) and cover basics such as manners, basic cues, loose lead walking, health checks. Class size is small, and each class has at least two instructors to ensure you and your puppy get the attention you need.

Basic obedience classes are aimed at dogs of 6 months or older and build on the fundamentals learned in the puppy classes. Don't worry if you've never done classes before, as the instructors will work at whatever pace suits you and your dog best.

For more information or to book, call us or visit Dog Training College's website