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Woodland Runs at Eyke Woods

Spring is a beautiful time in the Happi Days woods in Eyke. We are lucky to have 3 acres of woodland where the dogs can run off lead under supervision, amongst the snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells. The area is securely fenced with 6 foot fences and gates, with rabbit netting underneath just in case anyone wants to dig. Dogs of all sizes, ages and fitness can come for a walk at lunch time, the first time they come we usually put a long line on just until we know their recall is reliable. This allows them to run off lead, but we can call their game of "can't catch me" to a halt.

Woodland runs give your dog a chance to really open the throttle in a safe environment with their creche friends, engage their brains with all the smells, and you won't have to take them for a walk. All dogs travel in a secure, customised van with a selection of fitted crates.