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Puppy socialisation

Socialisation at an early age is an incredibly important part of bringing up a well rounded canine member of your family. Your puppy will learn so much in those first few months and those early experiences will make for a a dog that will love to be around other dogs, humans and happi with being left. Your puppy will be introduced to other puppies and puppy friendly adult dogs and shown how to conduct herself. We do not believe in harsh reprimand, a 'free for all' for puppies or for the adult dogs to tell off the puppies. We have experience that the best way to teach them is kind control and distraction so that puppies learn that positive behaviours gain them what they want in life! We do not allow boistrous bully behaviour as all the groups are matched by temperament and so even if your puppy is the same size and age as another it may not mean they will interact in a fair way and therefore the more boistrous one will be grouped with those of a similar play level. We have found that all dogs that come to us as puppies grow up sociable with other dogs as they naturally would be a social animal. As we have a steady flow of new puppies we can slowly integrate into the creche as they get older and often become the puppy friendly adults themselves helping the youngsters to grow up more rounded.