A Typical Day at Happi Days

We pride ourselves on how well we cater to differing needs, which means each day is tailored to your dog’s requirements dependent on age, health level and personal preferences. Every aspect of the day is designed with the health, welfare and safety of your beloved pet in mind. Both mental and physical welfare are catered for in our unique daily routines.

The day typically begins between 7am and 8am when it’s time to rouse the pups for some breakfast. After, they can have a toilet break and a chance to wake up and digest their food whilst their rooms are cleaned.

The next activity of the day is being transported to creche, which is just a 3 minute journey from the overnight accommodation. All entrances and exits to both the accommodation and the creche are 6 foot fenced and double gated so at no point can your canine companion escape a collar, slip a gate or hop a fence. Here, the creche has 5 outside areas and 3 large indoor play and rest areas and a number of service rooms and offices set up to be doggy friendly, so that any dogs needing one to one can have time out with a member of staff.


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The day is split into play time and rest time depending on your dogs temperament and age. Typically, they will spend a few hours outside, making friends and playing games with their canine carers. On a rainy day, this time will be spent in one of our indoor halls with outdoor access if in need of a toilet break. The staff are always inventing new fun activities to keep things interesting, we not only like to play with toys, but also love creating games for the dogs’ mental stimulation. 

At midday puppies get a chance to have their midday meal or some lunch time treats for those that have been sent with something. These dogs are separated off so the other dogs do not get jealous. Now it’s time for the Woodland Walk, the adult dogs get a chance to go on an extra play in our wooded area, a very popular part of the day. Our woodland is 3 acres, and it is big enough to go for a really good run, but small enough that you can see to both ends and see everyone.


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In the afternoon the visitors have more play sessions in one of our play areas or play halls. As the afternoon continues, everyone gets plenty of chances to rest on the cosy sofas, blankets and beds.

As the day care dogs slowly get picked up and the centre gets calmer and quieter, those that are staying overnight get transported back to their private overnight accommodation at my home. Where they have their evening meal, another chance to stretch their legs in our private, fenced, wooded play area, and tucked up in bed. Their own bedding is welcome although not essential as most of our boarders use our blankets, duvets and pillows and every room comes with a hygienic hammock style bed for it all to rest on. All rooms are fully underfloor heated and air-conditioned, so they’re always comfortable, even in extreme weather.

As our boarding block is at my home, we know when people are coming or going from the drive. The entire place is alarmed which links also to our phones, and there is always someone on site overnight.






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