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“Happi Days has been the best place for my Dachshund. He goes twice a week and has done since he was 4 months old. I was and have never been worried about him being around lots of other dogs as I know he is always well looked after. What I love about Happi Days is the themed days they do (agility classes, photo-shoots, pirate days, best dressed, dog of the month, Valentine’s day, Christmas and many more!) and no doggy is ever left out. The woodland walks are always a hit with Bean and a great option for all doggies.

He absolutely loves it there; all staff are very friendly and accommodating in helping Bean be a great socialised loving dog. He loves the interaction and the skills he has learnt – as a result he is so well behaved and for that I couldn’t be more thankful to Happi Days.” 

Lou Bigden

“I have two beautiful, calm Black Labs so I am not quite sure why I got a Pug, a Pug called Pebbles. A pug who is a proper little Princess. Pebbles is a small dog, but she thinks she is a lot bigger than she is! She certainly makes up for it with her outgoing personality and huge character. She was noisy, nippy, aggressive, visitors would have found Pebbles bouncing up, being a yapping, biting nuisance. 

I decided on sending Pebbles to Happi Days twice a week would at least give the big dogs a break from her never-ending attentions. From the very first week her behaviour started to improve.  She has become so much calmer; she clearly enjoys every activity at Happi Days from football to Woodland Walks.  She also stopped being so nippy and aggressive, when we have visitors at home.  The thought of her snuggled up on Alex’s shoulder was practically a miracle.  The staff are professional, caring and I completely trust them with my dog – I can’t praise Happi Days enough.”

Claire Ellis

“Happi Days is brilliant!! It’s the ideal place to leave your puppy whilst at work or out and about. The staff are all lovely and I can tell how much they adore all the dogs. The dogs have so much and the photos they take are great! Thank you for looking after our puppy!!”

Grace Teager

Poppy was very nervous and found her induction quite difficult, she did not want to leave us and of course had no idea where she was going or if we were going to pick her up again! Fortunately the staff at happi days were understanding and reassuring both with Poppy and us. Two weeks went by where Poppy was getting her bearings then suddenly everything fell into place for her, she cannot get out the car quick enough and pulls in the direction of the door, sure sign of a happy dog. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found such a lovely day care facility, where Poppy’s needs are met fully and like all ‘parents’ I enjoy seeing the activities they all join in via the photographs posted each day. Thank you everyone at happi days.

Sonia Williams

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