Adventure days

Adventure days is what we call our special day care package including a walk in our wooded area, saving you money.

All sociable dogs welcome and include the taxi over from Martlesham to Rendlesham centre where our walks and busy dogs new play hall is located:



You are welcome to book an Adventure Day for £27.00 which includes the woodland walk, the taxi service to a day of day care at Rendlesham, and your usual convenience of drop off and collection at Martlesham. A member of staff that your dog currently knows will be travelling and staying with them to Rendlesham, as staff to dog ratios and keeping your dogs settled are of upmost importance.

Adventure Days are tailored to the individual needs of all your dogs. Lively dogs, elderly dogs, puppies and sleepy dogs will all enjoy exploring the woods and a new creche. We group dogs by temperament at Rendlesham as well as Martlesham, so there’s always the perfect environment for your dogs!




Our new massive outdoor play area of 551 m2 and indoor play hall of 185 m2 squared for all weathers. Unlike anything else in Suffolk, our new hall is dedicated to our super friendly well socialised medium and larger, more energetic dogs to run and play. We have liberally indulged in quantities of children’s quality play equipment from our play Castle, our Little tykes climbing frames, the dog agility cubes and climbers and the toddler ramps and playground slides. Please see below for shots of our fantastic new play equipment.

We also offer the adventure day for the smaller, more timid and more elderly dogs, where by they have quieter calmer groups and more snuggle rooms at our larger Rendlesham center.

We are offering an outing day, whereby your dogs can spend their day at our large Rendlesham creche and newly fitted out Play hall,  you can still enjoy the convenience of a Martlesham drop off and pick up.

The Taxi service will leave at 9am so you can drop off any time before this and we have two collection slots: 5pm – 5.30pm or 5.30pm – 6pm. The doggies will then visit our lovely private, fully secure woodland for a fun, off-lead runabout before heading over to our rural countryside creche in Rendlesham!

Rendlesham creche is a larger than Martlesham and has more space to allow for some extra doggie friends to join them! There your dogs will enjoy exploring new play areas, both indoors and out, as well as meeting loads of new furry friends, and a few new human friends as well!



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