A Day in the Life of a Happi Dog

You are welcomed at the door by our Happi staff members, excited hello’s and cuddles await your pooch, before they run down the corridor and into our fun outside play areas. Lots of sniffing, exploring and greeting old friends as everyone goes about their morning business. Once all their furiends have arrived, the real fun begins. Grouped into 3-4 groups depending on their age, energy level and size, we have toys galore for those that enjoy sharing them with friends. Climbing frames, slides, paddling pools and tunnels to play on and climb. Maybe enjoy a game of hide and seek with Happi staff. New dogs to welcome in the form of inductions, where we slowly introduce any new family members one on one to a nice group of our Happi dogs, where they are welcomed with open paws and shown how fun life at Happi days is. We also have inside sofa rooms for those that need more downtime away from the hustle and bustle, where they enjoy plenty of cuddles from staff and participate in low energy games, play and activities.

This is just day to day life, we often have birthdays to celebrate within our Happi family, so the bunting and birthday hats come out and we plan some exciting activities. We always try to do something special for any Happi birthdays, whether it’s exploring sand pits, ball pools, treat hunts and IQ games or maybe a bit of agility. The dogs are always sure to have a wonderful time with their friends.


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Dog Daycare Activities

As well as birthdays we have theme days and event weeks, for example, our ever popular Crufts week where prizes are won and certificates are given out to everyone who takes part. In the past we have had Pirate day, Summer beach parties, Pawjama day, Valentine’s day and sports week. As well as our very special Howloween and Christmas parties that get bigger and better each year. Quite often on our theme days the staff will dress up and there will be unique decorations and activities to enjoy, like apple bobbing on Halloween, doggy Pimm’s for our beach party and a Doggy Easter egg hunt in our woodland area at Easter. Additionally, the whole thing gets filmed, edited and uploaded to our Facebook and YouTube channel the following day for all the owners to watch and enjoy, so you get to see exactly what your pooch gets up to while they are here with us.

There is so much to participate in and enjoy at Happi Days Creche, as well as our unique optional woodland walk at lunchtime for those that enjoy can an hour off-lead run. Your dog will always enjoy their day with their Happi family, where we love and treat them as if they were our own. No matter their age or energy levels, their day will be tailored to them and they will go home Happi, content and their needs fulfilled, ready to have a nice relaxing evening with their beloved family.


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