Dog Grooming in Martlesham and Rendlesham

Is your dog a beautiful, pampered pooch? Or a scruffy mutt in need of desperate attention? Happi Days Rendlesham and Martlesham can cater for all your dog’s needs.  We cover all grooming including breed specific cuts, nails, hand stripping and ear plucking etc. No need to be a member of the crèche to use our grooming facilities,


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Happi Days Dog Grooming Salon

Has your pup rolled in fox poo and need a bath? Maybe they have that lovely old dog smell, or needs their eyebrows and feet trimmed, summer cut, nails or anal glands. Sophie and Kat can cater for all types of dog breeds and even those with sensitive skin by using mild shampoos. We even have a number of different fragrances to keep your nose buds entertained.

Prices are dependent on the time it takes to groom your dog, your dog’s size, coat length, thickness and amount of matting. The price may also change depending on any extras you wish to add such as nails and anal glands. You may need to bring your dog to meet our groomer prior to their first groom for a quote and a friendly introduction.

So why not spoil yourselves and your best pal canine with a pamper session at Happi days dog groomers in Martlesham and Rendlesham.


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Teeth cleaning:

Not just teeth cleaning but a revelation:

We use an ultrasonic toothbrush that is silent, vibration free and no actual brushing or scrubbing is needed, so it’s a non invasive treatment with amazing results, where your dog is fully conscious and enjoying cuddles the whole time.
Below is Charlie’s before and after results in one treatment with Joanna, I think you will agree the results speak for themselves.

Sometimes it can take more than one session to achieve complete results, depending on the level of tartar build-up.


For just £15 per 30 minute session you can have your pooch’s oral Heath improved in no time.



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