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Helen and Chris - Happi Days
Happi Days Owners, Helen & Chris
Love your dog - Helen and Chris

What is Happi Days?

Happi Days is Suffolk's first bespoke dog day care facility. Based near Ipswich and Woodbridge, we have centres in Rendlesham and Martlesham, with overnight accommodation in Eyke. We are all experienced, passionate dog lovers and owners first and foremost, so we hope to provide the same kind of care for your dogs as you would give them yourself.

Our philosophy at Happi days Dog Day Care is that dogs are beautiful wonderful animals that deserve our love and respect. No need for hats or outfits, how about:

Large open plan outdoor play areas with access indoors to playrooms. Also open plan cosy sofa rooms with soft bedding and human company at all times.

Grouped by temperament, size, age and supervised by experienced staff. Toys galore for those that want a busy day, treats for those that are allowed them, water play in the summer and indoor sports activities for the cold days.

All areas are six to eight foot fenced, all new dogs are temperament assesed,  all exits are double gated and locked.

Dogs that are staying on holiday are taken home to Eyke Elm Cottage overnight not left on site. They get to play at the creche all day so get best of both worlds. All overnight accomodation is underfloor heated, soft flooring (not concrete), decorated, has soft bedding and alarmed.


Upcoming events and other Happi-nings

Come and join in....here are our up and coming events at Happi days.

A few words from our Happi customers

Poppy came to live with us when she was four months old having been rescued from Greece, she is completely blind and has been since birth. We as a family could not meet all her socialising needs and so we started searching for somewhere very special where Poppy's needs were understood but where she could enjoy her days playing with other dogs, learn how to interact and be stimulated. We found happi days on the internet and made arrangements for a visit. Poppy was very nervous and found her induction quite difficult, she did not want to leave us and of course had no idea where she was going or if we were going to pick her up again! Fortunately the staff at happi days were understanding and reassuring both with Poppy and us. Two weeks went by where Poppy was getting her bearings then suddenly everything fell into place for her, she cannot get out the car quick enough and pulls in the direction of the door, sure sign of a happy dog. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found such a lovely day care facility, where Poppy's needs are met fully and like all 'parents' I enjoy seeing the activites they all join in via the photographs posted each day. Thank you everyone at happi days.

Sonia Williams

We would like to thank all Happi Days staff especially Helen and Emma for their much needed help and advise with our rescued ex racing Grey Hounds, they have helped us transform them from dogs who were unable be around other dogs to being able to spend a whole day at Happi Days playing. Their help has been invaluable to King and Sherrys progress and we couldn't be more grateful. Also we love nothing more than seeing photos of their antics on Facebook, they love all the staff at Happi Days so much so we get ignored when we drop them off.

Alex and Stacey

Latest news from the Happi Daily Diary

Our staff share responsibility each day to take some real photos of what your dogs get up to whilst they are with us: Although we can't promise to take photos of your dog everyday, and we are not professional photographers, if you haven't seen your dogs pictures recently please feel free to tell a member of staff on drop off and we will endeavour to get some for you!