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Happi Days – Enrolment 2024

Happi Days – Agreement 2024

Step One

Every new potential human customer has the chance to book an appointment to look around the Rendlesham and Martlesham centres at 6pm, as long as you have booked in advance so that we know you are coming. This way you can view the facilities out of hours to make sure they meet your requirements before you leave your dog with us. If you have heard about us from friends, have seen the photos and don’t have time to do an evening centre viewing then please feel free to go straight to the dog enrolment session if you prefer.

Step Two

Every new potential canine customer then has the chance to come for two hours free to try out Happi days. Pre-book a two hour free play session at 10am – 12pm one week day and leave your dog/s with us to see if they enjoy it.

We meet your dog and allow them to meet with a few of our dogs, gradually building up the group until they are in one of our typical sized groups to make sure they are happy in this environment.

Step Three

Whilst Step 2 is in process we will ask you to fill out our relevant forms or if you prefer you can take them home. We will photocopy the dogs vaccination forms for our records.

Step Four

Your dog/s can be booked in for their first day and at the end of this day we will discuss how your dog/s got on. This will be the point at which we will organise making regular bookings or holiday stay for you.

Step Five

It is always an ongoing process of evaluating the dogs moods and behaviour. Any aggressive or dangerous act will mean we cannot accept a dog in future. We also believe in being honest to an owner if their dog is not enjoying their visits as this sociable environment is not always suited to every dog.

Important Information

Health Safety and Wellbeing:

Safety and security of your dog is one of the most important issues at our crèche. We have six to eight foot fencing, and double or triple ‘airlocks’ at every exit so that even if a dog bolts a doorway there is another door before the outside world. Not only that, Rendlesham is on a secure airbase so the only way out would be via security anyway! Our vans even has its own ‘air lock’ area so at no point will your dog be loose. All woodland walk areas are surrounded by six foot fences that have rabbit netting dug into the ground and the van is brought inside before the dogs are allowed to run. The dogs woodland walk groups are carefully chosen by temperament and any dogs that have difficulty with recall are kept on a long line.  If your dog has ever jumped a six foot fence, then make sure you tell a member of Happi Days staff and we are very Happi to keep them on a long line.

The health and wellbeing both physically and mentally of our canine customers is always the most important issues of Happi days. As there are many members of staff keeping an eye on your dog throughout their stay this means they have a lot of attention and any problems or new or worrying behaviours will be noticed. All doggie playtime is supervised. All feed times are individual and anyone who is not eating is encouraged to eat, and reported back to owners. All our groups for playtime are carefully picked to match temperament and any shy dogs are kept with quiet low energy dogs.

Our Terms and Conditions and enrolment form can be downloaded by clicking the above links. Please remember to have your up to date copies of your vaccination cards including Kennel cough vaccination with you on your visit.

Also I wish to draw your attention to point 17 in our T&C’s: “Although bitches can remain entire, all male dogs MUST be castrated after 8 months old unless specifically agreed with Happi Days Management”, females can not attend whilst in season.

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