Professional Dog Grooming

Is Professional Dog Grooming Important?

Many people see professional dog grooming as purely a cosmetic practice. But dog grooming goes well beyond just improving your dog’s appearance as it has many health benefits. Grooming helps

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Overnight Dog Boarding

Overnight Dog Boarding or Day Care?

As pet lovers, we all want to be around our beloved pooches as much as we can. But there are times where you may need to find alternatives for looking

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What is Dog Hydrotherapy?

What is Dog Hydrotherapy?

Many pet owners ask us the question, “what is dog hydrotherapy?” For animals recovering from injury or disease, hydrotherapy provides a highly effective way of speeding up rehabilitation. In fact,

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Luxury Dog Care

The Benefits of Luxury Dog Care

With over 3 million UK households acquiring a pet during the pandemic, dog care is becoming increasingly essential. But, getting the right care for your dog is even more essential.

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Valentine’s Day Special Event

12th February 2021

Valentine’s Day Both Rendlesham and Martlesham: Friday 12th February We love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with our favourite lovable pooches. This year will be bigger and better than last with

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Pirate Day

1st to 3rd February 2021

Pirate Day Party Martlesham: Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd February Rendlesham: Wednesday 3rd February As our Pirate day was such a huge success last year we have decided to host

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What Decorations are Dangers to Dogs?

Dogs are good at getting into scrapes, but Christmas dangers for dogs present additional hazards over the festive period. Some dogs will have a go at eating anything, with little

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Canine Hydrotherapy

How To Combat Canine Arthritis

Not everyone would consider canine hydrotherapy for their dog, but there are several reasons why it could be a very good idea. Most of us have an elderly relative with

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Dog Sensory

How Dogs Help Kids To Learn

If you like the idea of a sensory garden for dogs, you’re in the right place. Dogs have been providing love and companionship for humans for centuries. In more recent

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luxury dog boarding

Why Not Treat Your Dog to a Holiday?

When it comes to holidays, we’re all different. Some prefer to vacation with their pets, while others choose to enjoy holidays with their animals safely cared for elsewhere. At Happi

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