Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer Months

If you’ve never considered water therapy for dogs, now could be the ideal time to try it. The summer months are perfect for getting out into the fresh air with your canine companion. But although exercise can be of great benefit to dogs, the warmer weather can sometimes present problems. So, how do you keep your dog moving, whilst making sure that they don’t overheat?

Here at Happi Days we know all about keeping dogs healthy, happy and cool. Our large hydrotherapy pool at Martlesham has helped hundreds of dogs and their owners since it opened. So read on to discover more about water therapy for dogs and how to keep your pet cool in the summer sun.

Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer Months

Why is heat a problem for dogs?

Although dogs do sweat, it’s a different process to the kind of sweating that keeps humans cool. That makes dogs more prone to overheating and suffering heat exhaustion in warm weather. This in turn can lead to heat stroke, which in extreme cases can be life threatening.

That’s just one reason why treatments like canine hydrotherapy have become so popular with dog owners.


Simple measures for cool dogs

Give them plenty of water: Most dogs love the great outdoors, and probably enjoy the sunny weather as much as we do. But after lots of exercise make sure they have plenty of water to drink. If your dog is panting it means they’re hot, so along with water, a short rest is probably a good idea.

Never leave your dog in your car: A car is essentially a metal box, and in very hot weather it can act like an oven. Even with a window open, the temperature can rise dramatically under a hot sun. Rather than leaving your dog unattended while you’re out, it may be better to leave them at home.

Avoid the midday sun: Avoiding the hottest part of the day is a simple and effective way to keep your canine cool. On especially sunny days, it’s even possible for dogs to burn their paw-pads on hot surfaces. If you can, exercise your dog in the morning or late afternoon when temperatures are cooler.


Water therapy for dogs

Even in the UK, there are days when the heat makes it uncomfortable to be outdoors. Canine hydrotherapy offers the perfect solution, allowing plenty of physical activity without the danger of overheating. Along with exercise, however, water therapy for dogs provides numerous other advantages.

It’s particularly beneficial for dogs that are overweight, injured or elderly, offering relief from pain and improving fitness. It can help dogs suffering from a range of complaints to lead a healthier, happier life for longer. Canine hydrotherapy relieves stress, reduces inflammation and swelling and strengthens muscles. It’s also a lot of fun for both the dog and their owner!

To find out more about our hydrotherapy sessions here at Happi Days, visit our website or call us today.

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