Our Team


Helen Brown Bsc Hons (Owner)

Hi I’m Helen, owner of Happi Days. I have an hons degree in Business Management, level 3 NVQ in horse care and level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrothotherapy.

Since our Rendlesham crèche (the first in Suffolk) was opened, our canine family has expanded and now includes our boxer called Rosa, our springer spaniel called Daisy, an elderly collie called Lara and two boston terriers called Flo and Nona.  They all love spending their days with their chums at Happi Days. You will often see them in the Happi Days playgrounds in our facebook pictures each day with your dogs.

We also have our two wonderful children Jessica and Joshua who are absolute doggie fanatics.

I am usually found in the background of the creche, with the dogs rather than always on reception, but I am always just a call away for any queries or problems. I always think: why have an amazing dog care business and not spend your time caring for them and being part of the team. Having had happi days since 2008 and having been a carer for others pets and starting as a dog walker at the age of ten, I can sincerely say I have a wealth of experience I love to share with the the Happi team. I am a keen reader and my love of dogs is one of my favorite topics to read about increasing my behavioral and training knowledge.

I am a keen guinea-pig and rabbit enthusiast and having a nice big lawn we do have an abundance of smaller pets to care for also, at Elm cottage, but don’t worry they are safely in another garden to where your dogs come to stay on holiday!

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My Husband Chris (Owner)

Chris acts as handyman and general help whenever we need it, especially with the IT, often roping in his Dad (Martin) to help build and fix things. Although also having a job of his own, I think he makes any excuse to come and play with the dogs!

After being around me and my dogs for 15 years when he got her, Chris was finally smitten by a little springer spaniel Daisy from the Loddon dog rescue centre who is now part of our pack at home.


Emma (Senior Manager)

Owner of Kenny, Callie, Delilah and Willow, Emma has a life time of experience with rescue dogs. Having such an array of dogs to care for, with problems such as epilepsy, she has endless advice for any owner! With a number of canine qualifications Emma has a wealth of knowledge that makes her a fantastic senior manager.

Emma oversees the business from all angles HR, admin, bookings and holidays. You are likely to see Emma in the small Creche area where you drop off in the mornings. Please feel free to ask any questions revolving around your dogs care, Emma will always make time to help out with advice and solving any issues.

Along with her rescue dogs Emma also has cats that are very fond of her sight hounds, which reflects the calm friendly nature of he pack. The dogs also can be seen in the Facebook photos everyday as they spend their time with your dogs also. We feel staff bringing their dogs to work is an important part of our ethos as we only employ doggie fanatics so like it to be viable for them to work whilst their dogs are having fun.

Alex (manager)

Alex has come from running his own home boarding and walking services with over 12 years of experience. Alex starts his day at Martlesham, brings the adventure days dogs to the woods for their play session and then takes them over to the Rendlesham creche for a day of play, returning them in the evening. He therefore knows both Rendlesham and Martlesham creche dogs very well.

He also has his own lovely dogs, Tilly, a red merle Collie, Poppy, a fox red Labrador, Evie the great dane and Margot, a blue Whippet. He has loads of experience working with dogs of all sizes and temperaments and is often out and about around Martlesham as walking his dogs is his favorite hobby.

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Nikki (manager)

Nikki is Martlesham’s manager! She used to work for the RSPCA on the weekends and has past experiences of creches whilst studying for her Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management. Nikki has also volunteered abroad in Bulgaria at a rescue center which is where she fell in love with her 3 legged German Shepherd Jacob, who now spends his days in sunny Suffolk with her Golden Retriever Koda.

You will usually find Nikki in reception, welcoming everyone in the mornings and sending them out to play. Nikki spends her time with the small dogs in our small creche area, giving out lots of cuddles and helping puppies make new friends.

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Josh came to us 12 years ago when he was completing his animal care qualifications with Otley College, he was so natural with the dogs we offered him a job once he had left the college. He has grown in experience and knowledge working for us full time for 10 years now and is the senior playground supervisor, knowing every Rendlesham visitor like the back of his hand.

He owns a great dane called Kevin and a cat called Martin, so Josh knows what it is like to live with the large breeds. A very popular member of staff with the dogs as he is never far away with a toy and loves  joining in with climbing on the castle with all his canine pals.

Tash (Doggie Hotel)

Tash lives with her mischievous little Staffie, Lexi, and started at Happi Days as part of her college work experience. Since then she has become an irreplaceable member of staff. Tash manages the boarders at the Hotel and can often be found on Woodland Walks or with the dogs at Rendlesham.

happi days dog day care


Martin is Chris’ father and is our general handy man. He’s always happi to help if something needs fixing, or if something needs to be built. His spaniel Lilly is also happi to come along to aid Martin in his adventures and help out.

Karen (Bookings supervisor)

Karen is experienced with the implementing and running of software and processes to streamline booking, income and accounts. She was head hunted for a project to upgrade our fantastic but retro database that no longer stretched to our business needs. Karen has put her heart and sole into the designing and data cleansing of all customer information and moving of it securely. She now is in charge of the smooth running of the bookings system and makes sure that everything is booked correctly and resolving any receptions or bookings problems.

Karen brings along with her everyday her two terriers Cadbury and Peso. Cadbury being one of our older clients at Happi days is a prime example of how the elderly dogs can settle and fit in well at the creche. Karen’s office is always the place to be for those dogs in their teens (including Lara my old collie). Cadbury and Peso welcome their quieter chums for a rest period when the youngsters are still playing.


Louise is our senior dog supervisor at Martlesham, she is very much used to the hussle and bussle of daycare as she owns 7 Spaniels and a German Spitz at home! Louise has an abundance of experience doing agility and obedience with her own dogs, she has even competed at Crufts. With over7 years experience with our Martlesham creche Louise has always been there at 7am to greet each and every dog who comes out to the paddock to play with a Happi face and a friend to play with. She watches everyone’s early morning zoomies and playtime and captures it on her phone with her amazing camera skills.

Abigail Wright - Happi Days Dog Day Care team


Abigail has recently been studying at university and has come to Happi days as the next step in her career. She is enjoying being with the dogs, keeping the place clean, tidy, entertaining and observing all activities. Abigail is mostly found in the playful side of our Martlesham creche but she is very versatile, knowledgeable and flexible as to helping with all jobs, a good all rounder.

Hanna (Bookings)

Hanna has come to us from working on reception in a veterinary chain. Being clued up with vaccines, dog health along side booking systems and calendars etc, we thought taking Hanna on was an ideal opportunity for Happi days. Further more Hanna has a background in trick training with her French bull dog Louie showing to us an array of things he can do for his rewards.

Hanna is the friendly person at the end of the line usually when you call our booking line and is therefore front of house so to speak of our busy bookings team.

Zoe (reception)

Zoe is an energetic, friendly animal lover that has come to us to join both our reception team and our dog care team. Zoe is a versatile all rounder that can be found in many areas of the creche from playing with and photographing the dogs, to cleaning, feeding and also reception. Zoe has both experience in the retail industry and in boarding kennels so has good knowledge of health and welfare of those in our care. Zoe loves all animals and has a Lab cross called Cooper and a snake.


Harry Crabb first started at Happi days as work experience over 7 years ago and loved working with dogs so much he couldn’t resit staying. Harry was training at Otley in animal management and doing his work experience hours here, we soon learnt he is a natural with the dogs. Harry has a greyhound and a whippet who are very much part of the family. Harry is one of the playground supervisors at our larger Rendlesham creche and is never far away with a tennis ball or toy.


Melissa is member of staff that has come to us via an eagerness to learn more about dog care through her work experience at college. She has stayed as a paid employee as she was very confident and competent. Melissa is moved on to doing Animal Management Level 3. She has two dogs called Holly the lab and Billy the Westie and is keen on dogs both big and small. Melisa also has an interest in the smaller pets and therefore has a hamster and three gerbils. She continues her work experience for her college course at Jimmys farm so is getting a very all round experience of all animal care areas.

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Ellie (reception)

Ellie was another amazing work experience student we couldn’t let leave us. So she now works full time at our Martlesham creche as a Canine Supervisor. Ellie has over 3 years experience with our Happi family so she knows all the dogs like the back of her hand; who is friends with who, who likes toys and who prefers cuddles, when Ellie is here everyone has a paw-some day. She is also the person behind the wonderful photos you see on Facebook each day, Ellie has an eye for the perfect camera shot, so you can thank her for capturing your dogs moments with us.

Danica Wilson - Happi Days Dog Day Care team


Danica used to be found at our luxury hotel block on the weekends walking and looking after the boarders and studying animal landbase studies at Otley College. She recently has become full time after enjoying her days here so much and can be found creating fun times for the dogs with theme events and parties being her favorite pastime. She has an array of pets she cares for herself including 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 tortoises, 6 giant African land snails, a bird and fish!


Harry has come to us having been doing an animal management course at Otley college. Harry has fitted in really well as his family have five dogs and so being at Happi days is a home from home for him. Harry is also particularly involved in the new scheme of adventure days. Having been a key member at Martlesham creche he comes with the adventure days dogs to our Rendlesham creche to make sure a knowledgeable familiar face goes with those from Martlesham creche to our larger Rendlesham creche to make their ease of settling process much smoother. Harry is a kind and considerate member of staff who reads and understands the dogs emotions and is very sensitive to their needs.

Kat (reception and grooming)

Kat was regularly volunteering enjoying the company of dogs coming from a background of being a dog walker. She chose to volunteer to help her establish what she would like to do in life and decided this was definitely it and so we took her on full time. Kat has fitted in really well with her passion for dogs and kind caring nature. Kat owns two dogs (Digby the dachshund and Sophie the spaniel), a cat and a hamster who also keep her busy out of hours.


Ava is often found taking our adventure days clients to the woods for their zoomies, in reception at Martlesham or in our new Adventure unit at our Rendlesham site. Ava has experience working in other animal care settings and in customer facing roles and is therefore a very well rounded flexible member of staff. Ava both loves the big dogs and little dogs and will happily entertain and maintain control in all levels of energy groups. Ava has come to us from her animal behavioral college course doing work experience and now has taken on more working hours with us as her experience and knowledge expands.


Kara is an all rounder who can be found anywhere from the doggie hotel, to reception, small calm dogs to the busy bouncier bunch. Kara has extensive experience with dogs. She has worked at two different creches and we head hunted her for a position to cover maternity leave so was needed to be fully trained and fit in straight away. Kara has not only increased and improved her dog care knowledge with us, she has taken on a strong lead with the data entry and customer relations side of our new database and booking system we are currently rolling out. Kara owns four dogs called Teddy, Pippa, Bluebelle and Nova.



Poppy came to us whilst doing a business course at Suffolk New college. She has three dogs called Rhubarb, Frank and Olive also three cats called Duchess, Frodo and Bean. Poppy is a hard working member of staff and loves to get all the hygiene jobs done well. She also volunteers for all the pressure washing and bleaching/disinfecting that needs doing as she loves to keep Happi days clean. She is a keen dog enthusiast and also helps out at the doggie hotel at the weekends with the walking and feeding so the dogs know her very well.

Clare (apprentice)

Clare has come from caring for the elderly background. She brings her kind caring attitude to the canine world now having joined us on an apprenticeship wishing to learn more about dog care. She is noticeably clued up already, so a firm choice for us. Clare owns a dog herself and brings her love of all dogs large and small to work through her hard working attitude and attention to detail with her cleaning of the creche. Clare currently has tuition through KEITS training and on the job training covering all aspects of the holiday dogs routine, hygiene, safety and security.


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Maddy came to Happi days through work experience whilst studying a diploma in Animal care, whilst she was with us we found her so helpful we couldn’t let her go and she now works full time as a supervisor. You will mostly see Maddy on Reception in the evenings, when you come to collect you content and tired pooch. She always has the days gossip and can tell you exactly what your pooch has been up to and who their new besties are. However she is also very knowledgeable and experienced with our four legged friends, so Maddy is also often out the back helping plan new and exciting activities with everyone and keeping everything super fun!

Amber (apprentice)

Amber has come to us to learn more about dog care as having a background in care, particularly qualified in child care. She is a keen dog lover owning 3 of her own, Ralph, Hugo and Bailey. She applied to us on the off chance for a position, when we met her we realised her enthusiasm was infectious and we had to keep her on as an apprentice.


Josh is a friendly outgoing member of staff. He has come to us as a fresh face to animal care, eager and willing to learn more. Josh has been with us for a few years now and has been a great assistant helping with the fun little visitors, being the best cuddle supervisor.

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Caron (Accounts)

Caron originally came to Happi Days as a customer, socialising her German shepherd Tess, and her Hovawarts, (yes that is a breed I didn’t make it up!!!) Tiggie and Truffle. As she had so much fun at Happi Days and couldn’t bring herself to go home, she became our accountant and full time dog cuddle organiser and playmate.


Freya came to us as a volunteer before she even started college as she loved dogs so much she wanted to be with them all the time. She has proved herself so good that we had to keep her. She has two dogs, one 14 year old terrier and a 1 year old cockerpoo and so has lots of experience with all age ranges. When she is not at work she is often found out on different walking routes with her dogs. Freya is also a rabbit fan and owns three. She has completed a level two in practical animal care skills.

Kate (Reception)

Kate has returned to us after having children as she used to work for Happi days right when we were very first setting up 14 years ago. She has an HND in animal studies Animal care and owns her own Lurcher called Ned. Kate is mainly involved in the reception side of Creche with meeting and greeting your pampered pets as they arrive. She often can be found with the oldies and small group and may well be the one you talk to if you call the Rendlesham centre.


Jay wanted to work at Happi days because he has always wanted a job that is related to animals and his favorite being dogs. He has a Labrador called Maisie who is 6 years old.

He has been with us for work experience whilst completing his level 2 animal care qualifications and is now employed some days a week whilst completing his level 3 Animal care qualification. Jay seems to be a natural with all the dogs and has proved himself a very keen motivated member of staff.



Chantella came to us doing work experience for animal care studies and is a dog owner herself of two staffie crosses. She has learnt loads and become very much part of the team and as her hours kept increasing we knew the time was right to take her on full time. She is a playful friendly member with the dogs and never far away with a toy. She not only works at Martlesham creche but goes with adventure days dogs when needed so is well know by the canine customers throughout the sites. Chantella says she wanted to work at Happi days because she loves dogs and couldn’t find a more perfect job for her.

Sophie (Groomer)

Sophie is our newly appointed, experienced groomer, covering all aspects of grooming from particular breed clips, nails, hand stripping and teeth. She has impressed us with her professional and caring grooming style having been trained in a local doggie salon. She has taken on the lead role and is often helped out by the other carers in the grooming room. Sophie is a great leader and role model for kind fair handling. The dogs enjoy their pamper sessions in her calm relaxed environment she creates every day. Sophie has a cat and rabbits at home and is often coming to work with comical stories of their escapades. She aims to get herself dogs when her living situation allows and she for-fills her love of dogs in the mean time being chief puppy companion at Happi days.

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Doggie Temperament Assessors!

We are proud to introduce new dogs to these pups before they are introduced to the busy excitable crèche dogs. This helps create a calm, quiet first experience here at Happi Days. These doggies are all used to being at the crèche each day, and meeting new dogs is all part of a normal day and, therefore, have a very laid back attitude towards new dogs. This is the best way for all newbies to be slowly introduced to this new home from home environment. We do this not only for safety of the existing dogs at the crèche, but also so that all new dogs get a positive experience the first few times they come. We are proud of our high intake and low refusal rate at Happi Days. This is achieved by appropriate introduction, slow exposure and gradually getting your dogs used to this new different experience.

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