Puppy Socialisation Sessions

When your puppy is brought into the world, they have to learn everything they can (as quickly as they can). Puppies that are not properly socialised at the start of their life are more likely to have behavioural issues later down the line.

Behavioural issues can come in the form of separation anxiety, boisterousness and even destructiveness. These behaviours often come as a result of being the only dog in the home. With no other dog to help guide and teach them how to behave, they can soon become a little ‘spoilt’.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure your pup gets to socialise with other dogs, so they can learn the ropes from older dogs.



Socialising Your Puppy

We begin socialising puppies by introducing them to other puppies with a similar temperament and play style. We will also introduce them to pup-friendly adult dogs, who will be their teachers.

We do not believe in harsh reprimand, a ‘free for all’ for puppies or for the adult dogs to tell off the puppies. We have experience that the best way to teach them is kind control and distraction so that puppies learn that positive behaviours gain them what they want in life.


Learning From The Very Best

Both our creche centres have adult dogs that are fully trained to help give your puppy the best mentorship possible. We have helped hundreds of puppies to become well adjusted and well trained dogs, with help from our canine companions and our qualified professionals.

We have found that all dogs that come to us as puppies grow up sociable with other dogs, as they would naturally be a social animal. As we have a steady flow of new puppies, we can slowly integrate them into the creche as they get older and often become the puppy friendly adults themselves (helping the youngsters to grow up more rounded).

You can find out more about our puppy socialisation services, as well as other services we offer, by simply getting in touch with our team. You can call us directly or send us an email at admin@happidayscentre.co.uk.

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