What is Dog Hydrotherapy?

Many pet owners ask us the question, “what is dog hydrotherapy?” For animals recovering from injury or disease, hydrotherapy provides a highly effective way of speeding up rehabilitation. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly popular as more is understood about its benefits.

Here at Happi Days, our large hydrotherapy pool is providing welcome relief for dogs and their owners. Countless furry friends have already benefited – from overweight dogs to elderly working pets. If you still want to know “what is dog hydrotherapy?” we’ll do our best to supply the answer. We’ll also explore some of the many ways hydrotherapy can benefit your dog.

What is Dog Hydrotherapy?

What is Dog Hydrotherapy?

As the name suggests, hydrotherapy for dogs takes place in a pool. In essence, it’s physiotherapy in water, where natural buoyancy makes the exercises easier and less uncomfortable. The dog’s body is supported by the water, which is of huge benefit where weight-bearing exercises are too painful.

Hydrotherapy uses the water’s natural resistance to help strengthen weak muscles and joints. Warm water also increases blood circulation, which helps injuries to heal more quickly. Exercises are carefully designed to treat specific conditions, with qualified staff in the water to assist the dogs.

The benefits of dog hydrotherapy

Recovery and rehabilitation

One of the key benefits of dog hydrotherapy is speeding up recovery from injury or surgery. If moving is painful, then your dog is likely to avoid it; and muscle deteriorates quickly when it isn’t used. Hydrotherapy allows them to exercise their joints and muscles with much less discomfort. The use of warm water also helps to increase blood flow, making movement easier.

General fitness

Hydrotherapy offers low impact exercises for dogs of all ages, whatever the season (or the weather)! Exercising in the water means a better workout for cardiovascular and respiratory systems, too. If you’re unable to let your dog off their lead, it’s the ideal way to help keep them fit and healthy.

Pain relief

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from arthritis, hip pain, shoulder pain and many other ailments. We know that exercise helps, but how do you persuade a dog that something that hurts is good for them? Hydrotherapy is an enjoyable and playful way for your dog to reap the benefits of movement. It’s also a healthy alternative to chemical painkillers.

Mental health

Dogs can become depressed, particularly if they’re older or suffering from pain. Hydrotherapy can be of significant benefit to your dog’s physical condition; and that in turn can make a huge difference to their mental well-being.

Healthier weight

Regular movement helps to burn calories, and less calories means healthier weight. But exercise on the ground can be difficult and uncomfortable for an overweight dog. The water-based exercises in hydrotherapy allow bigger dogs to move more freely, helping to shed some of that weight.

Hopefully we’ve answered the question of “what is dog hydrotherapy?”. So, why not contact us today to get your dog booked in for hydrotherapy with the experts at Happy Days!

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