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Dog Days are calculated by the total number of dogs staying with us multiplied by the number of days they will be staying with us in a single month. Use our calculator to get an idea of the cost of your dogs stay with us ».

All prices include VAT

Day Care (calculated over one month)
Up to 12 dog days £18.00 (per dog day)
12-40 dog days £15.18 (per dog day)
Over 40 dog days £13.80 (per dog day)
Up to 3 hours stay and play £15.00
Holiday Stay (calculated over each individual stay)
Overnight only including one day of day care £30.00
Overnight only including 2 days of day care £48.00
Up to 3 dog days £24.00 (per dog per day)
4-10 dog days £21.60 (per dog per day)
Over 10 dog days £20.40 (per dog per day)
Last day of a holiday if picked up between 8am and 9am we offer a discounted price £6.00

Dog days are calculated by the number of days multiplied by number of dogs, so if you have four dogs you will get four dog days per visit. In a single month you can gain over 30 days if you have multiple dogs.


Hydrotherapy & Physiotherapy
1 hr hydro &/or physio (initial consultation) £45.00
1 hr just hydrotherapy (initial consultation) £30.00
1 hr hydro & physio £45.00
45 min physiotherapy £30.00
45 min hydrotherapy £30.00
5 x 30 minute hydrotherapy sessions £100.00
Leisure swim £15.00
Woodland Walks
Rendlesham £3.60
Martlesham £5.00
Agility Fun
Per Session £5.00
Flea Treatments
4-10kg dog £4.20
10-25kg dog £5.20
25-40kg dog £6.20
Over 40kg dog From £8.40
Worming Treatments
Per 10kg of dog weight £3.00
Happi Tag
Small (single sided) £2.00
Small (double sided) £2.30
Large (single sided) £2.70
Large (double sided) £3.00
Dog walking from your own home
(Eyke, Rendlesham, Campsea Ashe and Tunstall only)
1 dog £10.00
2 dogs £18.00
3 dogs £25.00
4 dogs £30.00
Hire of the premises for training groups, parties etc
Availability evenings and Sundays Rendlesham or Martlesham
up to 3 hours £50.00
up to 8 hours £100.00
Creche day special
3B (bath brush blow-dry)
10% discount if booked in advance as part of your day care
Holiday stay dogs special
25% off 3B for holidays of 4 day care stay days and over
50% off 3B for holidays 6 day care stay days and over
3B (bath brush blow-dry)
(Does not include trim or de-matting)
Small dog (short coat) £16.00
Small dog (medium coat) £18.00
Small dog (long coat) £20.00
Medium dog (short coat) £18.00
Medium dog (medium coat) £22.00
Medium dog (long coat) £26.00
Large dog (short coat) £20.00
Large dog (medium coat) £26.00
Large dog (long coat) £32.00
Giant dog (short coat) £22.00
Giant dog (medium coat) £30.00
Giant dog (long coat) £38.00
Full Groom
(Includes cut, shave, de-matting and/or styling)
Small dog 3B + £10.00
Medium 3B + £14.00
Large 3B + £18.00
Giant 3B + £22.00
Additional fees
(please feel free to ask for your quote before you book)
For highly matted, double thickness or coats in poor condition £10.00 to £20.00
As part of a groom or day care day £5.00
If nails only no groom or day care £10.00