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Woodland Walks at Lunchtime

We take small groups for a run in our three acre, six foot fenced private woodland. The friend groups are matched by temperament and dogs can stay on a long line if they have difficulty with their recall. All fencing is newly installed, dug into the ground with Rabbit netting and six foot tall so very secure. All groups are supervised at all times, the area is three acres, large enough for the dogs to have freedom to play chase me but small enough so everyone can be observed at all times.

​Woodland walks are optional and if you would like your dog to go every time they come please leave their name on the 'regulars' list. If you would like your dog to go today but not everytime then please leave their name on the walks list when you drop off.

We are able to cater for dogs from Rendlesham only that wish to go on the walk at lunch time but do not need the full day at creche with a pick up and drop off. Must meet all creche requirements of updated vaccinations and sociability, ask in reception for a quote.