What Decorations are Dangers to Dogs?

Dogs are good at getting into scrapes, but Christmas dangers for dogs present additional hazards over the festive period. Some dogs will have a go at eating anything, with little thought of the harm it might do to them. Even the most innocent looking object can hurt them if swallowed. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep potential risk items out of reach of curious pooches. Dogs get bored, just like humans, and that’s when they can get into trouble.

Our Happi Days centres are the perfect place for a festive break for your canine companion. Why spend Christmas worrying about what the dog’s doing? On a visit to Happi Days, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your dog is safe and enjoying itself. (And not chewing any Christmas baubles!). Read on to learn more about Christmas dangers for dogs.

Christmas Dangers for Dogs

Dangerous decorations

Happi Days Dog Day Care centres are run by dedicated staff, with unlimited time to spend with the animals. However, that isn’t always the case at home, and it’s inevitable that dogs are sometimes left to their own devices. At any time of year, a normal household can be a risky place for dogs both young and old. With decorations, indoor trees and festive ornaments, Christmas can be even worse.


Tinsel won’t actually poison your dog. But anything long and stringy can cause severe damage to the intestinal tract if ingested. If your dog is attracted by shiny things, keep tinsel out of its way.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are everywhere at Christmas, and most dogs will generally ignore them. But remember that lights are powered by electricity, so take extra precautions if your dog is at the chew-everything-in-sight age.


Christmas tree baubles used to be made of thin glass, and could be a danger to both animals and children. Nowadays most are made of plastic, but can still be a hazard if chewed into sharp fragments.

Festive plants

Many of us like to bring a splash of colour to our Christmas decorations with some festive plants. However, it’s important to keep them out of reach of your dog. Holly, mistletoe, ivy and poinsettia all contain toxins that would be harmful if ingested.

Christmas trees

A common question is, are Christmas trees poisonous to dogs? Not very, is the simple answer. The needles and sap from pines or spruces can cause mouth irritation or an upset tummy if chewed.

Other Christmas dangers for dogs

Don’t be tempted to give your dog chocolate this Christmas. A chemical called theobromine is used in it, which is doggy-dangerous. Avoid giving dogs scraps from the Christmas dinner, as nuts, onions and turkey skin don’t agree with them. Don’t leave batteries lying around – they can cause chemical burns if punctured by chewing. Other things to keep your dog away from include Christmas pudding, mince pies, candles and silica gel sachets.

If you want your dog to enjoy Christmas as much as you do, Happi Days is here to help. Keep your dog occupied this festive season with a trip to a Happi Days centre!

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