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Doggie day care/ Canine Creche

We are open 07:00 to 18:00 weekdays. We provide a secure fun environment for your loved one whilst you cannot be there. Many of our canine clients come for fun, exercise, mental stimulation and socialising. 

We provide services for all ages, sizes and breeds. We tailor your dogs day dependant on their nature and energy levels. We make special arrangements for those with sensitive stomachs, the elderly, blind, deaf, very young and shy clients dependant on their needs. Please feel free to discuss any of these with our experienced knowledgeable staff. Having many different groups of dogs and lots of members of staff we can cater for all temperaments.

We can also cater for your dogs all year around with plenty of heated indoor space for play and time to go out before a rub down and a warm up again. We also have plenty of water and shade over the hot summer months and the very best thing is that they can go for a woodland walk in the shade even over the summer months.

Please feel free to come along on one of our Monday viewings at Rendlesham and Tuesday viewings at Martlesham, to look all around the inner workings of our crèche. To see our luxury under floor heated overnight block please book a Rendlesham viewing.

Available to Crèche users:

  • Quiet and Calm Dogs Playgrounds

  • Big and Bouncy Playgrounds

  • Large outdoor patio area for relaxing groups 

  • Indoor zones like the garden room

  • The playrooms

  • The indoor crèche areas

We have sofas for the oldies and puppies rest and feed times, grooming facilities at both centres, reception and staff offices. All of which are highly doggie friendly and designed to be safe for even the most investigative puppy.