How Dogs Help Kids To Learn

If you like the idea of a sensory garden for dogs, you’re in the right place. Dogs have been providing love and companionship for humans for centuries. In more recent times the number of pet owners has increased significantly. Dogs have become an integral part of many modern families, their love and loyalty enjoyed by people of all ages. Children in particular seem to have an affinity with them. But dogs require lots of attention, and there are times when that isn’t possible at home.

Dog Sensory - benefits of a sensory garden for dogs

Here at Happi Days we understand what dogs need. We offer dog sensory garden ideas and a range of other services that go above and beyond simple boarding. That includes care for rescue dogs. Now, a new study has revealed that dogs can also help your children to learn. Read on to find out more.


Dogs help children to concentrate

Here at our doggie daycare centre, we know that owning a dog can be beneficial for your children. The advantages of growing up with a dog include improved emotional intelligence and learning about responsibility. It’s also been shown that living with a pet can improve a child’s immune system. Moreover, children with dogs are more active and so generally more healthy. Our sensory garden for dogs provides a happy alternative for when the kids are at school.

If further evidence were needed, recent research has discovered something else about dogs. The results of a study in Canada published last year show that dogs can help motivate children to read for longer. The children in the study also reported feeling more interested and competent, all thanks to the presence of a dog.

The study looked at how 17 children would react when reading, both with and without a dog in the room. The study focused on whether being accompanied by a dog would motivate the child to continue reading. It was found that children showed more persistence and read for longer when a dog was present in the room.

Therapy dog reading programs in schools have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. The researchers are hopeful that this study could help develop better strategies for dog-assisted therapy. Ultimately, this could be of great benefit to struggling young readers.


Dogs and family life

Dogs can benefit family life in many different ways. An important one is to bring the family unit together to enjoy healthy walks in the fresh air. A dog is a great way of distracting youngsters from their laptop screens or phones. Dogs can offer protection for families, and children in particular. It’s also been shown that owning a dog is good for you and your family’s mental health.

But what about the times when the kind of care your dog needs isn’t possible at home? Where do you turn?

With a sensory garden for dogs and services like canine hydrotherapy, Happi Days can provide what you need. As well as our care for rescue dogs, we are delighted to look after much-loved family pets. If you’re looking for daycare for your furry friend while your children are at school, book your free trial play session at your nearest Happi Days creche.

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