Helping Rescue Dogs Through Sensory Sessions


Anyone who has ever owned a dog is already aware that these amazing animals are highly intuitive. Not only are they intelligent, but they have a stunning array of senses. This is one of the reasons why these animals are extremely sensitive to physical and emotional stress. Dogs that have been abandoned, abused, or rescued from puppy farms can often suffer from a fair amount of trauma. However, the good news is that many new techniques are being developed in order to ensure their future happiness. A sensory garden for dogs is a perfect example of how modern innovations are impacting the lives of countless animals. How can this approach benefit a man’s best friend and why could our day care centre be the ideal solution for your needs?



Targeted Care for Rescue Dogs and Much More

One of the main intentions of a sensory garden for dogs is to provide them with the ability to socialise with other animals. Many dogs which have been rescued or otherwise treated badly have never learnt how to properly adapt to real-world situations. So, a sensory garden for dogs will provide a hands-on means to calm any of their fears while helping them adapt to different environments.

As the name already suggests, dog sensory garden ideas revolve around providing these animals with numerous types of sensory stimulation. New tastes, smells, environments, and situations will help them to experience many of the same sensations that they were denied in the past. One perfect example of how these gardens are taking on a life of their own can be seen in a new SPCA facility located in Aberdeenshire. This type of care for rescue dogs can also be helpful when preparing them for a new home once they are adopted.


Building Confidence Through Sensory Gardens For Dogs

Of course, some dogs will require more targeted sessions than others. This depends upon their previous experiences as well as how they are seen to react within a new sensory environment. When a dog is able to realise that the world is not its enemy, it can begin to interact in a productive and nurturing manner. This will change its entire outlook on life and once again, happy days are just around the corner.

The good news is that pet owners do not have to travel to Aberdeenshire to experience the benefits mentioned above. The team at Happi Days Dog Day Care will provide you with a wide variety of dog sensory garden ideas. Some engaging on-site activities include:

It is an unfortunate fact that some dogs have had to endure difficult lives. However, this does not signify that all hope is lost. Sensory gardens are perfect examples of how real-time interactions can change their entire perspective. Please contact Happi Days Dog Day Care to learn more about our facilities or to book an appointment.

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