It’s a Dog’s Life: Stepping Into The Shoes of Your Dog

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in your dog’s head, to see the world through canine eyes and experience a day in the life of a dog?

A Day In The Life of a Dog - Happi Days Dog Day Care in Suffolk

Jeray Tomlinson thought it would be fun to strap a saddle camera on his pooch so that he could experience a day in the life of his dog and then post the outcome on the Internet in a series of dog videos.

Maybe, your dog’s day might go something like this…

A Day In The Life of a Dog

“Oh well, I suppose it’s time to get up, just this basket is so comfortable. Anyway, there is a lovely smell that I need to investigate, could be something nice to eat if I play my cards right. I’m starving, and dinner isn’t for ages.”

“I was correct, mum is cooking.”

“Come on lad, out, there’s a good boy!”

“Looks like it’s time for my morning wash, let’s get it over with and then I can get back to trying to cadge some of that sausage mum is cooking. I love sausage and bacon, come to think of it. I like cream cake too, not that I see much of it and I guess that is probably a good thing.”

“Didn’t get any sausage; it was all for mum and dad. I did a bit of whining and pulled off a few tricks but it didn’t work. It’s a dog’s life when that happens. I can hear dad calling me for my walk.

It’s Play Time!

“I do believe that’s my friend Max across the road. Looks like his mum is crossing. I hope he is going to the park. We have great fun chasing each other and rolling in the grass. Max likes to swim in the lake, he is welcome to it. The hydrotherapy pool is when it’s time for me to have a special treat, yes, but I’m not a fan of open water.”

“It was great playing in the park with Max, he’s one of my favourite friends. We played chase and enjoyed some tug-o-war with toys, and even a good bit of wrestling!”

“Did a bit of sniffing on the way home. I love to sniff all the different scents. I can tell who’s been nearby and where I am just by using by nose.”

The Ulti-Mutt Day

“Bedtime now, it’s Happi Days for me tomorrow. I love it there. The team are so loving and caring, each one has chosen to spend their life with dogs. I meet lots of friends at Happi Days. We play games, dig in the sandpit and have a fantastic time. It’s always good to catch up with old friends. Anyway, better get some shut eye. Night night dog lovers!”

And there you have it, a day in the life of a dog!

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