“Bella” May be a More Common Dog Name Than You Think

Have you finally decided that a dog would be a great addition to your family? Maybe your current female furry friend is soon expected to have a little of puppies? In either case, the chances are high that you want to learn about some of the most popular dog names throughout the United Kingdom. Let us take a look at a handful of well-known puppy names as well as some recent surprises and resurgences in the canine community. If you are struggling to pick a name, we hope the following information will help!

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The Top 2019 Puppy Names in the United Kingdom

First, let’s first take a look at the ten most popular puppy names to get a better idea of your options. Here is a quick list that was compiled in 2019:

While some names such as Luna have been popular for decades, pet names are often affected by pop culture. Examples include the influence that film and music stars have upon the choices of an owner.

Popular Puppy Names - A Guide from Happi Days Dog Day Care


Back to the Basics: Traditionally Popular Dog Names

It’s no surprise that some of the most traditional and catchy puppy names are Charlie, Lassie, Spot, Poppy, and Teddy. These popular dog names have existed for decades and we don’t expect their appeal to fade away any time soon. Traditional names are also great if you are not a fan of trends which seem to come and go on a regular basis. It could be a good idea to stick with the basics!

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Future Predictions for Cute Puppy Names

Popular dog names sometimes correlate with important social events in the UK. For example, Archie is a common name choice due to the recent birth of the Duke of Sussex’s son. Other names such as Harry, William, George, and Pippa also illustrate the impact of the royal family on pet names. We expect these very same names to feature prominently well into the future.

Regardless of what you eventually choose to name your pet, the chances are high that you will require a dog day care specialist sooner or later. This is when it is always best to speak with the team of trained professionals at Happi Days Dog Day Care Centre. Please get in touch to learn more. In fact, we might even be able to help you choose a name for that special furry addition to your family!

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