⭐️It’s CRUFTS WEEK!!!!!!⭐️

puppy socialisation

We are very excited to announce we will be hosting our own set of events at Happi Days! Both Martlesham and Rendlesham will be hosting as follows:

Every dog in on a Cruft day at Martlesham gets a little prize for joining in.
And our top 3 winners for each day will get a rosette and prize for said event!

Wednesday – Most Obedient Dog
We will be finding out who is the most obedient dogs with games of musical sits!

Thursday – Most Athletic Dog
A day of agility! Each dog will run the course as slow or as quick as they like. Every dog will go home with a certificate with their time proudly displayed.

Friday – Best Dressed Dog
On drop off you can bring you dog in fancy dress for the chance to enter our competition of ‘Best Dressed Dog’. One photo in our photo booth and the costume comes off and their day begins at Happi Days as normal. All entries will be put to the Facebook audience over the weekend to vote for our 3 most furbulous pooches!

Thursday – Best Agility Jump
An action packed day! Let’s see who has the best jump on our agility course, we will have jumps set out to see who can beat the jumps and be called champion for a day!
Flying Tennis Ball
We shall find out who can catch and collect the most tennis balls in our wild game, there will be balls galore and loads of fun to be had!
Hide and Seek
There will be a number of items hidden around creche, be it treats or toys for the dogs to hunt for!

Friday – Best Performer
We will be putting your dogs tricks to the test and see who can sit/stay for the longest time!
Dog Goalie
The dogs will have the chance to show off their ball skills on the pitch as we see who can save the most footballs, theres an extra prize for the best goal saved!
And finally…. Best In Show!!!?

Book in now to secure your dogs place!

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