Dogs Can Remember Up To 75 Words

puppy socialisation

How good is your dog with remembering commands? Most dogs can sit and know the word “walkies”, some are a little more challenged and some are borderline genius. But just how many words can dogs actually understand on average?

You may be surprised to learn that they can memorise up to 75 separate words. A recent study conducted by students at the University of Sussex found that dogs can understand even very subtle differences in similar sounding words, such as “hid” versus “had”.

Even more staggering, the study also found that even puppies are able to understand the same word in different accents, so no matter whether you’re a scouser or a geordie, they still know exactly what you’re saying to them.


Different Strokes For Different Dogs

“Our results indicate that the ability to spontaneously recognise both the same phonemes across different speakers, and cues to identity across speech utterances from unfamiliar speakers, is present in domestic dogs and thus not a uniquely human trait.”

puppy socialisation

Just like humans, however, all dogs are born different. While some may stare at you blankly wondering what on earth you’re on about, one dog in America managed to successfully identify 1,000 toys by name alone.

It’s all about the way your furry friend is brought up, as soon as they are born their brains are like sponge and soak up all kinds of information using all their main senses. Starting with their noses and hearing, then touch and taste, then after a couple of weeks they begin to see.


It All Starts From The Beginning

The best time to start training your dog is when it is still a young puppy. After 12 weeks and once all jabs are given, it’s important to start getting your puppy socialised. Statistically, those that are not socialised are predisposed to certain behavioural issues (such as separation anxiety).

puppy socialisation

Here at Happi Days we offer social sessions for all puppies, giving them the chance to not only play with those of a similar age, but older well behaved dogs. Our qualified professionals are also there to help in teaching basic commands, such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.

You can bring your puppy to our Martlesham or Rendlesham creches – we welcome all dogs, so if you’re interested in this service do not hesitate to get in touch by calling either branch or emailing us. Go to our contact page for full details.

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