The Benefits of Luxury Dog Care

With over 3 million UK households acquiring a pet during the pandemic, dog care is becoming increasingly essential. But, getting the right care for your dog is even more essential. Owning a dog may be enriching, but it can also be hard when you’re away from the house. Who will provide it with the time, love and care that you would devote to it yourself?

If you’re looking for dog day care in Ipswich, you don’t have to look far. Here at Happi Days we know a lot about caring for dogs! We understand their needs and how to keep them healthy, occupied and happy. Our two day care centres in Suffolk are staffed by highly qualified individuals who both own and love dogs. So, here we’ll explore just some of the many benefits of luxury dog care.

Luxury Dog Care Luxury Dog Care

Social life

Most dogs love to play – and not just with their owners, but also with other dogs. Many pets don’t often get the chance to socialise with others, so try and choose dog care that offers them this opportunity.

A designated and secure environment will allow your dog to socialise with other breeds. This can be hugely beneficial both for your dog’s temperament and its confidence. Properly supervised, it can also help with behavioural issues, releasing pent up energy in a safe and healthy way.

Peace of mind

It’s true that dogs sleep a lot, but generally they don’t enjoy being left alone for long periods of time. Your dog’s natural instinct is to hunt for food, but failing that it may look for some other distraction. That could be anything from incessant barking to chewing the rug.

Placing your dog in the hands of caring professionals removes the stress of leaving it on its own. It offers peace of mind in the knowledge that your dog is enjoying play, exercise and attention. It’s also nice to know you won’t be coming home to find cushion feathers all over the carpet!

Plenty of exercise

Just like humans, the healthiest dogs tend to be those that get plenty of exercise. But clearly that’s something you can’t provide when you’re not at home. Unfortunately, this is not helpful for your dog’s physical health, or mental health.

A luxury dog care facility should provide safe exercise in abundance. Frequent walks are important for dogs, and properly supervised country walks are even better. Here at Happi Days, our dogs are treated to regular shaded woodland walks during the summer months. They love it, and so do we!

Reduce separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is an issue, because knowing your dog is unhappy makes you unhappy, too. Leaving the house with your much-loved pet anxious and crying is extremely hard.

The right dog care will provide your animal with the structure, activity and company that they crave. Reducing stress and anxiety in your dog will have the same effect on you as well. Day care for your dog will help you make the most of the rich relationship between you and your pet.

To find out more about our dog day care services, contact us today. We would love to welcome you and your furry friends to one of our day care centres!

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