How To Give Your Pooch A Massage

All of us enjoy a nice massage from time to time and the practice of dog physiotherapy takes this need into account. Much like their humans, canines can benefit in many ways from physiotherapy and massage. In this blog, we will take a look at how massages can benefit you dog from a physiotherapy perspective, before examining some unique tips and tricks to use along the way.

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Dog Physio 101: The Importance of Regular Massages

One of the core aims of dog physiotherapy is to improve the physical well-being of your canine friend, through a series of targeted movements and manipulations. Massages are often recommended by experts, and there are many real advantages of canine hydrotherapy or a more hands-on approach. Some key takeaway points include:

Dog physiotherapy can also be helpful at reducing stress, such as if you have recently moved homes or if the dog has lost one of its siblings. So, it is clear to see that massages and modern dog physiotherapy do indeed enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. Let’s now take a quick look at some expert recommendations to keep in mind.


Dog Physiotherapy and Massages: Performance Suggestions

  1. Make sure that your dog is relaxed.  This is important so that she or he will remain responsive throughout the session.
  2. Followed with gentle petting to ensure a calm disposition.
  3. Begin by massaging the neck and shoulders with circular movements.
  4. You can then move towards the front legs and chest.
  5. If possible, address the paws carefully to avoid any inadvertent kicking.
  6. You may then progress to the back and the tail.

Keep in mind that some dogs might be uncomfortable with the sensation of massage, so be sure to “feel” his or her responses. This is actually one of the core philosophies of dog physiotherapy.

Once again, we need to remember that the principle of dog physiotherapy involves reading the reactions of your animal. If you note that he or she seems to particularly enjoy a certain section, feel free to remain there for longer periods of time.


Why Choose a Qualified Physiotherapy Specialist?

Professionals who specialise in this type of physiotherapy will provide targeted massages as well as other options such as hydrotherapy for dogs. The bottom line is that these traditional techniques will help to improve the quality of life of your furry loved one.

Are you hoping to learn more about the benefits of dog physiotherapy? If so, please feel free to speak with one of the experts at our hydrotherapy centre.

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